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Novamine engineers solutions for optimizing maintenance in large scale mining operations. At present Novamine has two engineering projects under development and the successful Kimbo line of products.

Kimbo introduces a new concept in Dump Body Maintenance and Servicing processes: Supported Load Working Method. This supported load concept replaces the traditional "suspended load and crane" method; KIMBO does not require the use of cranes for the exchange of dump bodies.


The Kimbo mobile mechanical stand is functionally designed to support the load of dump bodies. The Kimbo mobile mechanical stand is a three-legged steel-frame stand with adjustable height from 1810 mm to 2700 mm, and a ball-joint supporting head allowing adjustment in all directions (360°) to match dump body profile. The supporting head has a hot-vulcanized rubber lining (50° - Shore A) assuring perfect match with dump body surface. Weight: 250 Kg. Dimensions: 1,700×1,700×1,810 mm.

Kimbo mechanical stand has a load capacity of 20 tons. - Load capacity independently certified.

A cutting edge design allows easy transportation by means of the Kimbo Trolley, a unit specifically engineered for moving KIMBO mechanical and hydraulic stands.



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