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Novamine is a company dedicated to the research and development of engineering solutions with high level of innovation, quality and safety impact. It is focused on satisfying the current and future needs of mining companies in Chile and the world in the maintenance sector. Our mission is to create and add value to engineering projects, using innovation as our primary objective.

Its facilities are located in the second region of Chile, Antofagasta. Due to the size and complexity of the equipment, as for example, The Dump Body Exchange System there is also a production plant in the industrial area called, La Negra. Today, the company is working to replicate its successful results in the market of Peru, United States and Australia, among others.

The advantages of the products developed by Novamine are aimed at optimizing the production processes and offering the lowest operating costs, represented by decreasing the operation time and the involved resources as well as industry safety features.

Currently, the company has developed an exclusive technology for the body replacement process to promote ease of operation, maximum machine performance and innovative safety features. This operation used to have high operational risks and variable costs. Until today, there are more than 10 mining companies, who have the Dump Body Exchange System, e.g. Minera Escondidaoperated by BHP Billiton, Minera Candelaria and El Abra, Minera Centinela and Los Pelambres by Antofagasta Minerals S.A., and Codelco Divisions.



The Novamine Company was founded in 2003 as a project incubated at Hidromec Ltda., who has more than 30 years of experience providing services to the mining industry, taking a great prestige in Antofagasta, the second region of Chile, on the quality of its services. Additionally, this company has had awards as "Small Business Technological Effort "(Pequeña Empresa Esfuerzo Tecnológico) delivered by the Industrial Association of Antofagasta (AIA). This fact was a positive trend for the further development of new engineering solutions through Novamine. After ten years of experience with the project Dump Body Exchange System, the need to share with the world these innovative engineering solutions is born. So far, there are more than 10 mining companies, who have this product, e.g. Minera Escondida operated by BHP Billiton, Minera Candelaria and El Abra, Minera Centinela and Los Pelambres by Antofagasta Minerals S.A., and Codelco Divisions.




To achieve a worldwide expansion in the mining market, assuring our clients an increase in production and the workers’ welfare, based on innovative engineering solutions.

To have a suitable plant for researching and development, aiming to add value to our stakeholders through a conscious, efficient, and safe operation, by trained and committed staff.

To be a prestige and acknowledged global company as a leading strategic partner, who has met the customer needs through innovative, efficient and reliable solutions.

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